5 tips how to choose

a designer wedding cake 



If you have a sweet tooth and an appreciation for creative confectionary, choosing your wedding cake is likely to be one of your favourite parts of wedding planning. However, it can be a deceptively tricky task. There’s a whole host of things to consider, including the design, the flavour(s), portion size and, of course, your wedding budget. Throughout the design process, you shall begin to realise just how much time, talent and hard work goes into each and every cake. Especially bespoke wedding cakes and cakes with intricate designs. Sugar paste flowers so realistic you want to smell them.



#1 Choose your Cake Designer

Brides-to-be should absolutely begin their research online. Visit general wedding sites to get ideas as well as patisseries’ website to view images of their work. Make sure you like their style. Most good Cake Designers will be totally flexible and design your cake around your needs. 

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#2 Get creative with the design

Give your Cake Designer something to work from, a colour, invite, dress detail or theme. Create a mood board. Be brave. It is by mixing and matching these various details, decorations, colours and flavours that you can begin to custom-make a design that works to your taste. Designing your cake should be fun and is a great way of making a real statement at the wedding. 

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#3 Be fearless with flavours

I encourage clients to push the flavour envelope. Why go with vanilla or plain chocolate when there’s baileys & blackcurrant, passion fruit & raspberry and other fresh unique flavours to consider? Your cake should be both beautiful and delicious. And if you can’t possibly decide, it may be possible to have different flavours across different tiers.

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#4 Portions dictate size

It’s not the other way around, the number of people you need to serve is more important than the number of tiers you think your cake should have. If your number is on the low side you can make it up with dummy tier, but bear in mind that a 5 tier cake at a wedding with 40 people will probably result in a few awkward stares.

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#5 Book a consultation

As all of our cakes are individually prepared,  and we devote a lot of time to ensuring that each is perfect, we are only able to take on a certain amount of orders per week and get booked up quickly. It is therefore advisable that you contact us as soon as possible. We offer a personal consultation which is held at our Yiamy® Studio in Limassol. During this time you will be able discuss your ideas so we can design something completely bespoke for your special event.

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