Sartorial Blackcurrant Magic


Inspired by Fall-Winter 2017 Collection by Luisa Spagnoli

Landscape, tradition, history, culinary delights, artistic legacy and influence on culture. This is Umbria. A famous region of central Italy. Here, in its capital Perugia, on 30 October 1877 Luisa Sargentini, known worldwide as Luisa Spagnoli, was born: an outstanding Italian business woman and a founder of the clothing brand LUISA SPAGNOLI and the chocolate brand PERUGINA. Thanks to her extraordinary modern sense and creativity, she had a key role in the industrialization process of Umbria and Italy. Luisa advanced women’s evolution in the work field by half a century.



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"Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life" ~Anna Akhmatova

Timeless elegance, signed MADE IN ITALY, and Luisa Spagnoli Fall-Winter 2017 Collection became an inspiration for Alina Berezovskaya, Creative Director & Cake Designer at Yiamy® Studio. Italian fashion codes meet contemporary touch in her new SARTORIAL BLACKCURRANT MAGIC Designer Cake. From the midnight blue attitude of sweet coating with golden jewelled accents to a sartorial snow white sugar paste folds, the extraordinary 3-tiered cake illuminates Luisa Spagnioli fashion story with new creative canvas.   

Inside, one will discover the famous Blackcurrant Magic flavour, unique new creation by Ms Berezovskaya, where the sourness of blackcurrant unites the sweetness of Baileys Irish Cream and Bitterness of Belgian dark chocolate.

The Fashion Cake was exclusively presented on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the Senso di Stile Clothing Store in Limassol in October 2017.


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