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Yiamy x Retrovi Collaboration at first official Retrovi presentation at Leventis Gallery, Nicosia

Yiamy® brings its sweet signature edge to a Retrovi Fashion Event. Nicosia based first official Retrovi event made its marks with an array of style, fashion and art.

Yiamy® Studio Sweets & Cakes contributed to the event uniqueness by creating a stunning piece of pastry art — Exclusive Retrovi Cookie Tower Cake. Handmade by Alina Berezovskaya, Yiamy® Creative Director and Cake Designer, this spectacular sweet masterpiece was displayed in the welcome cocktail area where all guests had the opportunity to enjoy the outstanding details of the unique pastry art installation and enjoy the fusion of traditional Cyprus glyko and a classic butter cookie.






Yiamy® Studio is introducing its new spectacular sweet creation: Exclusive Retrovi Cookie Tower Cake by Yiamy®, in which signature designs of Yiamy® sweets & cakes and Retrovi fashion pieces call out to each other and let you rediscover a new world of celebrating your most treasured moments in style and tradition.





Just like the famous Retrovi fashion pieces, Exclusive Retrovi Cookie Tower Cake by Yiamy® experiments with traditional designs of Lefkaritiko lace and Fythkiotiko weaving. On a sweet side, this tradition is embodied through the famous Cyprus Glyko dessert flavours. Glyko is an authentic Cyprus dessert and its preparation requires a great deal of experience and attention. Introducing its sweetness to the classic cookie recipe awards it with an ideal texture, crispiness and taste.

Retrovi and Yiamy® are both strong advocates of Cyprus and Mediterranean lifestyle and its local flavours, crafts and traditions. Exclusive Retrovi Cookie Tower Cake by Yiamy® is handmade with love using fresh local produce of the highest quality.  





Yiamy® reveals the beauty and uniqueness of Cypriot embroidery tradition using exceptional modern pastry decoration art. Cookie decorating using royal icing technique is often saved exclusively for special occasions as the skilful cookie embroidery is time consuming and requires a great deal of talent and passion. 

Exclusive Retrovi Cookie Tower Cake by Yiamy® is a fusion of traditional Kerasi Glyko and a classic butter cookie, featuring the ‘peratikoudin’ design, from the traditional Cypriot Fythkiotika pattern family.


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