Yiamy® concept


A fresh beautiful concept with unique flavour combinations and personal creative designer touch, Yiamy® defines style of unforgettable life celebrations. 

It all started very fresh, among beautiful icebergs, uncounted snowflakes and billions of penguins literally at the end of the world in the mid of southernmost continent on Earth. I went to Antarctica and that has changed my life completely. I have already travelled around the world, but the frozen continent struck my imagination. I returned home and decided to change my life completely. I followed my heart and created Yiamy®. 
I got my first culinary experience in a traditional local Cyprus tavern where I fell in love with dazzling Mediterranean flavours. I later travelled back to my beautiful France to discover the sweet side of this life as I learned everything possible from award-winning chefs at Alain Ducasse School of Pastry Art. I worked in a small patisserie in Lyon, the French culinary capital, where I studied how the right combination of flavours can have the ability to change your whole world. 
Soon afterwards, I returned to Cyprus only to begin the new journey, where I can share my imagination to make a difference, touching every heart with a little something to surprise the most discerning taste buds. 
Yiamy® is where Design meets Culinary Arts. Yiamy® is my story of living a dream and celebrating life. Because, as the wisdom says, life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated. 

With love,  Alina Berezovskaya
Creative Director and Cake Designer

Yiamy Studio Sweets & Cakes Opening on the 3 December 2016 in Limassol, Cyprus



We choose the path of nature.

Being the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle advocate, at Yiamy® Studio we mostly use local fresh seasonal produce of the highest quality. We value the fact that Cyprus is such a beautiful place and therefore take advantage of local ingredients as much as possible to benefit from all the sweetness our luminous island has to offer. We don't use any additives and try to benefit from as less sugar as possible. 

We seek inspiration from the cycle of the seasons to invent new flavours. Freshness of seasonal fruits, the heat of the sun and coolness of the water command new recipes and new creations for our Winter and Summer Collections


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