winter 2017/18 collection


I've still got the blues for you.

Yiamy® Studio is pleased to announce the launch of its Winter 2017/18 Collection: Sunset Berry Blues.

The days are getting noticeably shorter and cooler. Let us not rush to beat the winter blues, but embrace it. What if we re-imagine the winter mood more like a love partner than an uninvited guest? We invite it to our home and treat it with the most luxurious menu: draw a relaxing bath, watch a favourite film, listen to melancholic music and enjoy a cup of tea with a sweet little something that will be as pleasing to the eyes as to your taste.


Yiamy® Winter 2017/18 Collection is available at Yiamy® Studio every day without the necessity of pre-ordering in advance from 1 October 2017 till 30 April 2018.


Get inspired by Yiamy® Mini Tower: Sunset Berry Blues



"To experience the ideal flavour sensation, we invite you to listen to your favourite blues song while tasting desserts from Yiamy® Winter 2017/18 Collection. Watch the winter sun set, listen to the rhymes and savour the exquisite confections".

~ Alina Berezovskaya, Creative Director & Cake Designer at Yiamy® Studio