Sparkles & sweets 


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On Wednesday evening, 13 December, BOTTLES wine & spirit and Yiamy® Studio Sweets & Cakes invited their friends and customers to the SPARKLES & SWEETS tasting event as they celebrated their special sparkling and sweet alliance — start of two brands collaboration — in the BOTTLES boutique in Limassol.

Guests were personally welcomed by Dinos Konis, owner of BOTTLES wine and spirit, and Alina Berezovskaya, owner, creative director and cake designer of Yiamy® Studio Sweets & Cakes.

Following a welcome drink of GIUSTI Asolo Prosecco Superior DOCS Brut, guests were offered several rounds of sparkling and desserts pairing tastings. First, the Piedmontese sparkling red Acqeusi Brachetto was served with the berry cream Yiamy® Minis from Yiamy® Winter 2017/18 Collection: Sunset Berry Blues. Next came two bright sparkling wines from the renown Spanish cava Anna de Codorníu: Pinot Noir based Anna Brut Rosé served along with the Yiamy® Mini Lemon Fantasy dessert and Chardonnay-based Anna de Codorníu Dulce matched with Yiamy Mini® Piquant Brownies — delicious soft bitterness of fine Belgian dark chocolate, piquancy of pistachios and royalty of Cointreau orange liquor. Final duet celebrated French art de vivre with the splashes of Canard-Duchêne from the prestigious Champagne Maison established in 1868 in the Montagne de Reims National Park and Yiamy® Dashing Tahini macarons, a classic French dessert with a twist of Cyprus flavour.

Over 400 guests attended the event. BEDROOM resident DJ Mr V-Poz was in charge of sound and atmosphere.