signature collection



“We all have memories of scents, flavours and emotions of our special culinary experiences. At Yiamy® we know that these gourmet moments have an extraordinary power that cause us to relive precious memories hidden in our mind. We sincerely wish, with our Yiamy® dessert, to add something exceptional to your special celebration”. ~ Alina Berezovskaya

Signature Collection showcases our continued favourites. Something to treat yourself and friends to all year around. How to order?

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Yiamy® Mini is an elegant way to treat yourself and a friend to a bite-size deliciousness. Order at least 3 days in advance.


Unique Cake is an original choice to celebrate a special occasion between family and close friends.

6-8 servings (18 cm in diameter, 5 cm height).  Order at least 3 days in advance. 5 days for custom design 


Pavlova Desserts is an exquisite "Light as a ballerina" treat for yourself and friends.

6-8 servings (18 cm in diameter, 7 cm height). Order at least 3 days in advance. 


Celebration Cake is a perfect present to WOW someone special and enjoy with a group of friends. 

10-15 servings (15 cm in diameter, 15 cm height). Other sizes available. Order 1-2 week in advance.


Sweet Treasures are contemporary way to surprise with a delicious gift. Ready available in Yiamy® Studio in limited quantities till the next flavour becomes the new inspiration. Gift packaging for special occasions is offered.