Located in the heart of vibrant Limassol, Yiamy® Studio stands out as a premier location for a wonderful experience. Each indulgence is made right in the studio and our assortment and flavours rotate to highlight the best of each season. Yiamy’s Creative Director and Cake Designer Alina Berezovskaya introduces unique flavours, fresh colours and a dash of daring into her dazzling creations.

“When I think about desserts, I want to create something that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the taste buds. Unique and refined, originally crafted that is sure to satisfy every tongue”. ~ Alina Berezovskaya


Signature Collection showcases our continued favourites. Something to treat yourself and friends to all year around. We choose the path of Nature so we seek inspiration from the cycle of the seasons to invent new flavours. Freshness of seasonal fruits, the heat of the sun and coolness of the water command new recipes and new creations for Winter and Summer Collections. With our Limited Edition Collections we hope to always surprise and indulge every client’s preference for taste. 

Celebration Cakes are a perfect present to WOW someone special and enjoy with a group of friends.

Designer Cakes are individually prepared cakes to make your special event unforgettable in every way. Please get in touch with us to book a consultation


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