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1 March 2019


Refreshed by winter’s aqua pura, let’s welcome spring with new beginnings, fresh ideas and artistic everything. Most delicate Chocolate Jewels from Spring 2019 Limited Edition Collection “New beginnings” are hand-painted in nude blue and blush bloom. An original gift idea to celebrate Women’s Day on 8 March 2019. Discover more


1 February 2019


To celebrate love, Yiamy® invites you to widen your senses with the tender yet unexpectedly risqué Chocolate Jewels from St Valentine 2019 Limited Edition Collection “Mon Amour”. Hand-painted with a tingle of sensuous spice, they will sparkle your fantasy and spoil the chocolate lover in your life with a very special St Valentine gift. Discover more


1 December 2018

Christmas 2018 collection: party glam

To imagine this Christmas Collection, Yiamy® has drawn inspiration from delicious creations designed to enchant your holiday festivities. Party Glam by Yiamy® steals the show with Yiamy® exquisite assortment of handmade chocolate in six unique flavours and designs. Discover more


8 September 2018


Alina Berezovskaya, Creative Director & Cake Designer at Yiamy® Studio designs a Grand Wedding Cake for the most lavish wedding of Anna Maria Vassiliades, featuring over 2475 hand crafted sugar petals and 1274 sugar leaves. Discover more


1 June 2018


Yiamy® brings its signature design edge to most stunning weddings. Completely bespoke design for your most lavish event. Details is what we cannot imagine a lifetime without. Discover more


1 May 2018

summer 2018 collection: Sweet mini blooms 

Unique flavour combinations have always been an inspiration within the Yiamy® sweet universe. From collection to collection, Yiamy® desserts are re-imagined by our Creative Chef Alina Berezovskaya to reflect the beauty, aromas and freshness of each Mediterranean season. Discover more


2 April 2018


Hello holidays.  I'm so happy to see you. Wondering what to do with your kids during the holidays? Getting them along to a cooking class is a great way to develop new skills, explore creativity and make friends. Those who can’t get enough of stirring, whisking and decorating­ will love slapping on a mini chef’s apron and try a hand at one of our Kids' Holiday cooking classes. Discover more


26 March 2018

easter 2018 limited edition collection: chocolate jewels 

Yiamy® Studio presents the premier selection of the luxurious Easter treats: Lemon & Lime Dark Chocolate Jewels. And because only 210 have been made, each one by hand, no two of these little works of art are the same. Discover more

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 10.01.54.png

22 January 2018


Immerse your senses in the rich and indecently tempting caramel flavour combinations from our St Valentine 2018 Limited Edition Collection: Caramel Dream. Whether it be set and chewy on your morning pancakes, laced into a celebration cake or used to crown a mini delight, your will not be able to resist these amazing caramels creations prepared with love exclusively for you to celebrate this romantic holiday. Discover more


27 December 2017

Creative Kids by Yiamy® — Season TWO

Yiamy® Studio wishes you a Merry Christmas and invites 7-12 years olds to SEASON TWO Winter Holidays 2017/18 cooking classes by Creative Kids by Yiamy®. Enrolment is required. See program


13 December 2017

Sparkles & Sweets

On Wednesday evening, 13 December, BOTTLES wine & spirit and Yiamy® Studio Sweets & Cakes invited their friends and customers to the SPARKLES & SWEETS tasting event as they celebrated their special sparkling and sweet alliance — start of two brands collaboration — in the BOTTLES boutique in Limassol. Discover more


4 December 2017

christmas 2017 limited edition COLLECTION: a whole new world

This Christmas Yiamy® Studio is celebrating its 1st anniversary and invites you to rediscover with us a whole new world of Yiamy® desserts and sweet delights. Discover more

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 13.55.23.png

16 November 2017


Yiamy® Studio launches its seasonal ne plus ultra Chic Confitures with all new and sophisticated tastes that will be your absolute morning must-have this winter. Discover more


30 October 2017


Timeless elegance, signed MADE IN ITALY, and Luisa Spagnoli Fall-Winter 2017 Collection became an inspiration for Alina Berezovskaya, Creative Director & Cake Designer at Yiamy® Studio. Italian fashion codes meet contemporary touch in her new SARTORIAL BLACKCURRANT MAGIC Designer Cake. Discover the details


6 October 2017

Yiamy® WINTER 2017/18 COLLECTION official launch

Yiamy® Studio had an official launch of its new Winter 2017/18 Collection: Sunset Berry Blues at the Morfi Gallery in the old town of Limassol on the occasion of the “Annadyomeni” exhibition and Art Vesta presentation that took place on 29th September — 06 October 2017. Discover more


1 October 2017


Yiamy® Studio is pleased to announce the launch of its Winter 2017/18 Collection: Sunset Berry Blues. The days are getting noticeably shorter and cooler. Let us not rush to beat the winter blues, but embrace it.  Discover more


11 September 2017

New menu of flavours for Celebration Cakes

Get inspired by a new menu of flavours for Celebration Cakes. Celebration Cake is a perfect present to WOW someone special and enjoy with a group of friends. All Celebration Cakes are custom designed. Discover more


31 September 2017

Luxe Weddings by Yiamy®

Yiamy® Studio ends Summer 2017 Season with a new beautiful gallery of Designer Wedding Cakes. A Wedding Cake is like the exclamation point at the reception and it should be a total reflection of your style and taste. Discover more


13 June 2017

Yiamy® Studio is happy to announce the opening of the Kids’ Holiday cooking classes 

PLAY, LEARN, MAKE and Much More... 7—12 years olds will have the opportunity to cook and have fun in our newly created Yiamy® Cooking Game Zone.At the end of the SEASON ONE kids will be able on their own to prepare cookies, carve fruits, guess flavours, learn party etiquette as well as decorate a Celebration Cake. Discover more


6 June 2017

Yiamy® is featured on Love4Weddings

With joyful summer colours and the most beautiful flowers one can find, this photo shoot at the impressive Aphrodite Hills Resort is ... show-stopping! This beautiful fresh concept combines different styles (boho and modern), fabrics and bright colours (yellow, coral, orange and fuchsia) along with original ideas.  Discover more


1 June 2017

let the wedding season commence with the new designer cake tasting consultation

We would love to meet you for a consultation and tasting to gain a proper understanding of your wedding or event style and requirements. You will be able to taste our delicious cake flavours and discuss your ideas and design, and together we will work out the best option for your wedding or event. Discover more


15 May 2017

Yiamy® launches its summer 2017 collection

Yiamy® Studio is pleased to announce the launch of its Summer 2017 Collection: Fresh or Frozen Summer Jewels. This joyful, spick-and-span gourmet collection draws its inspiration from this summer chic staples: color-block coolness, pink candies and yellow sunshine. They are here all summer to be enjoyed either FRESH with a cup of coffee in the morning OR FROZEN as an afternoon refreshing dessert. Discover more


20 April 2017


For exquisite top of the line Wedding Cake decorations or simply to sculpt an everlasting floral display, the mesmerizing art form of Sugar Flowers offers an unlimited canvas for any creative spirit. It’s a fine art most magical! Discover more

5 tips how to choose a Designer Wedding Cake


8 April 2017

live cake decorating performance by alina berezovskaya

In the context of their cultural action, NGO KEY and Euro-toques Cyprus, together with Choice FM co-organized the 2nd Cyprus Cake Decorating Competition, where Alina Berezovskaya, Creative Director & Cake Designer at Yiamy® Studio brought its sweet signature edge with life cake decorating performance. Discover more


1 April 2017

Yiamy® launches easter egg limited edition collection

Yiamy® Studio Sweets and Cakes is paying homage to the jewellery masterpieces that were created by world famous Peter Carl Fabergé and his company between 1885 and 1917. Fabergé was given complete freedom in the design and execution, with the only prerequisite being that there had to be surprise within each creation. Discover more


4 March 2017

YIAMY® celebrates Spring 2017 Season

Yiamy® celebrates Spring 2017 Season with the launch of an exclusive Yiamy® Tasting Event programme. Yiamy® Tasting Events will be held every week March through May and you can select from 3 options. Discover more


1 March 2017

Yiamy® adds pavlova desserts to its signature collection

Yiamy® presents a spectacular addition to its Signature Collection, a new triple bill dedicated to world famous Pavlova desserts. Pavlova Desserts is an exquisite "Light as a ballerina" treat for yourself and friends. Discover more 


8­ February 2017


Yiamy® brings its sweet signature edge to a Retrovi Fashion Event on 08­—09 February 2017 at Leventis Gallery in Nicosia. First official Retrovi event made its marks with an array of style, fashion and art. Discover more 


1 February 2017

Yiamy® launches LOVE ME SWEET Limited Edition Collection

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Creative Director & Cake Designer Alina Berezovskaya has recreated all the nuances of the romantic Strawberry, Lychee and Champagne combination in the most extraordinary festive treats. Discover more


12 December 2016


Celebrate Christmas in your colours. Whatever is the colour of Your Christmas, we are happy to design the cake to make your festive table most memorable. Discover more


10 December 2016

Yiamy® launches its Winter 2017 collection

For this Winter 2017 Collection, fresh lemons, chic blueberries, sweet almonds, Greek yogurt, real Cyprus tahini as well cheeky chia seeds have all been invited to the party. The recipes were specially created for this Winter 2017 Collection to delight you with subtle sweet flavours and original combinations of textures and tastes. Discover more


03 December 2016

Fashion Cake Project by Yiamy®

Fashion Cake Project celebrates the incomparable expertise of Creative Director and Cake Designer Alina Berezovskaya in the world of Haute Patisserie, as she explores how couture fashion can be incorporated into a cake design.  Discover more


03 December 2016

Yiamy® opening in limassol

Innovative Yiamy® Studio Sweets & Cakes opened its doors on 03 December 2016 at 75 Archbishop Makariou III Street, Mesa Geitonia in Limassol. A fresh beautiful concept with unique flavour combinations and personal creative designer touch, Yiamy® defines style of unforgettable life celebrations. Discover more