Easter Egg Limited Edition Collection 

Easter Egg Limited Edition Collection is available only during festive Easter period 2017.

Yiamy® Studio Sweets and Cakes is paying homage to the jewellery masterpieces that were created by world famous Peter Carl Fabergé and his company between 1885 and 1917. After being commissioned to create an Easter egg for the royal family of Russia in 1885, the Imperials liked the result so much that further eggs were commissioned each year. Each egg took a year or more to make, involving a team of highly skilled craftsmen, who worked in the greatest secrecy. Fabergé was given complete freedom in the design and execution, with the only prerequisite being that there had to be surprise within each creation.



As featured in Xryses Syntages magazine and Time Out Cyprus

L O V E   M E   S W E E T  Limited Edition Collection is available only in February 2017.

Yiamy® Studio is launching   L O V E   M E   S W E E T   Limited Edition Collection to celebrate the traditional annual Feast of Saint Valentine. Creative Director & Cake Designer Alina Berezovskaya has recreated all the nuances of the romantic Strawberry, Lychee and Champagne combination in the most extraordinary festive treats. With recipes specially developed for the collection, these creations pay tribute to seasonal enticing strawberries, exotic lychee as well as molecular gastronomy that will delight lovers of subtle sweet flavours.



As featured in Omikron magazine

Colourful Christmas Limited Edition Collection is available only in December 2016.

Celebrate Christmas in your colours. Whatever is the colour of Your Christmas, we are happy to design the cake to make your festive table most memorable.