Freshness of seasonal fruits, the heat of the sun and coolness of the water command new recipes and new creations. With our Limited Edition Collections we hope to always surprise and indulge every client’s preference for taste. 




St Valentine 2018 Limited Edition Collection is only available till 31 February 2018. 


It won't do
To dream of caramel,
To think of cinnamon
And long for you.

Immerse your senses in the rich and indecently tempting caramel flavour combinations from our St Valentine 2018 Limited Edition Collection: Caramel Dream. Whether it be set and chewy on your morning pancakes, laced into a celebration cake or used to crown a mini delight, your will not be able to resist these amazing caramels creations prepared with love exclusively for you to celebrate this romantic holiday. From golden Passion Fruit Caramel to mouth-watering Raspberry Caramel to luxurious Chocolate Caramel, you will discover delicious caramel chemistry that will simply ignite your feelings. 

So what are you waiting for? It's time to let go and indulge in your romantic caramel dreams!


Yiamy® Sweet Treasures from St Valentine 2018 Limited Edition Collection: Caramel Dream are available at Yiamy® Studio every day without the necessity of pre-ordering in advance from 1 February till 1 March 2018 in limited quantities. 



Christmas 2017 Limited Edition Collection is only available till 31 January 2017. 


I'm like a shooting star

I've come so far

I can't go back to where I used to be

A whole new world


This Christmas Yiamy® Studio is celebrating its 1st anniversary and invites you to rediscover with us a whole new world of Yiamy® desserts and sweet delights. This year was full of new discoveries, surprises and thrilling experiences. Many dreams came true. Many fairy tales came to life. Just a few to mention are our Creaive Kids by Yiamy® schoolLuxe Weddings by Yiamy®Fresh or Frozen Summer CollectionSunset Berry Blues Winter Collection, exclusive Fashion Cake Projects for H&M, Retrovi and Luisa Spagnoli. Commemorating our 1st anniversary we thank you all for your faith, support and friendship and we invite you to enjoy the festive season with Yiamy® Chrismtas Stars and very special Gifts for your friends, family and colleagues. Because we believe that life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.


SUMMER 2017 COLLECTION: fresh or frozen summer jewels

Summer 2017 Collection is only available till 1st October 2017.

Yiamy® Studio is pleased to announce the launch of its Summer 2017 Collection: Fresh or Frozen Summer Jewels. As the colourful and vibrant spirit of summer is settling itself on the island, we are all looking for fresh and light solutions to please our sweet tooth. This joyful, spick-and-span gourmet collection draws its inspiration from this summer chic staples: color-block coolness, pink candies and yellow sunshine. They are here all summer to be enjoyed either FRESH with a cup of coffee in the morning OR FROZEN as an afternoon refreshing dessert.


Easter Egg Limited Edition Collection 

Easter Egg Limited Edition Collection is available only during festive Easter period 2017.

Yiamy® Studio Sweets and Cakes is paying homage to the jewellery masterpieces that were created by world famous Peter Carl Fabergé and his company between 1885 and 1917. After being commissioned to create an Easter egg for the royal family of Russia in 1885, the Imperials liked the result so much that further eggs were commissioned each year. Each egg took a year or more to make, involving a team of highly skilled craftsmen, who worked in the greatest secrecy. Fabergé was given complete freedom in the design and execution, with the only prerequisite being that there had to be surprise within each creation.


saint valentine limited edition collection: LOVE ME SWEET


L O V E   M E   S W E E T  Limited Edition Collection is available only in February 2017.

Yiamy® Studio is launching   L O V E   M E   S W E E T   Limited Edition Collection to celebrate the traditional annual Feast of Saint Valentine. Creative Director & Cake Designer Alina Berezovskaya has recreated all the nuances of the romantic Strawberry, Lychee and Champagne combination in the most extraordinary festive treats. With recipes specially developed for the collection, these creations pay tribute to seasonal enticing strawberries, exotic lychee as well as molecular gastronomy that will delight lovers of subtle sweet flavours.


christmas 2016 limited edition collection: COLOURFUL ChristmaS

Colourful Christmas Limited Edition Collection is available only in December 2016.

Celebrate Christmas in your colours. Whatever is the colour of Your Christmas, we are happy to design the cake to make your festive table most memorable.


winter 2017 collection

Winter 2017 Collection is only available till 30th of April 2017.

We invite you to experience these new flavours by celebrating the launch of Winter 2017 Collection. For this Winter 2017 Collection, fresh lemons, chic blueberries, sweet almonds, Greek yogurt, real Cyprus tahini as well cheeky chia seeds have all been invited to the party. The recipes were specially created for this Winter 2017 Collection to delight you with subtle sweet flavours and original combinations of textures and tastes.