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holiday classes



Hello holidays. i'm so happy to see you.

Wondering what to do with your kids during the holidays? Getting them along to a cooking class is a great way to develop new skills, explore creativity and make friends. Those who can’t get enough of stirring, whisking and decorating­ will love slapping on a mini chef’s apron and try a hand at one of our Kids' Holiday cooking classes. 7—12 years olds are invited to cook and have fun in our newly created Yiamy® Cooking Game Zone. Price is €20 per child per class. For more information call 25 722770. Enrolment is required. 

Kids that accomplished all levels in the season will receive special gift from Yiamy® Studio. 


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SEASON TWO Winter Holidays 2018

Details coming soon. Sign up for Yiamy® Studio Newsletter and we'll let you know once the program is ready.  

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SEASON ONE Summer Holidays 2017

At the end of the SEASON ONE Summer Holidays 2017 kids will be able on their own to prepare cookies, carve fruits, guess flavours, learn party etiquette as well as decorate a Celebration Cake. In SEASON ONE  there are 5 levels to accomplish. 


COOKIE KINGDOM — Make cookies with your favourite flavours

20 June (Level completed)


FRUIT GARDEN — Carve fruits to arrange a creative extravaganza

27 June (Level completed) 

29 June (Level completed) 


TASTE GAME — Sweet or salty? Bitter or sour? Play a surprising game to discover new tastes

6 July (Level completed) 


PARTY PLAY — Set up a royal party table and learn the art of etiquette

11 July (Level completed)

13 July (Level completed)


FINAL CELEBRATION — Create & decorate a Celebration Cake (end of SEASON 1)

18 July, 15:00—17:00 (Level completed) 

20 July, 15:00—17:00 (Level completed)