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We offer a personal consultation which is held at our Yiamy® Studio in Limassol. During this time you will be able discuss your ideas so we can design something completely bespoke for your special wedding celebration.  If you live abroad we can arrange a Skype conference.

It is advised to contact us 6 months in advance. We may accept an urgent order.

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Frosty Sugar Flowers adorn this Grand Designer Wedding Cake, that Yiamy® has created in Frankfurt, Germany in the mid of suburban vineyards. The Grand Designer Wedding Cake was the highlight of the wedding day’s celebration, culminating the day that was filled with so much love and happiness. Each Sugar Flower was hand made in Cyprus with love and patience and traveled to Germany together with additional cake elements. To complement the marble texture of the cake, each flower was iced with edible snow to achieve an amorous look.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” ~Walt Disney

The making of Grand Designer Wedding Cake in Germany


grand designer Wedding cake for anna maria vassiliades

This Grand Designer Wedding Cake features over 2475 hand crafted sugar petals and 1274 sugar leaves, matching the venue decoration design. All Sugar Flowers are created by hand with homemade Sugar Flower paste using a secret recipe, learned from an Award Winning Sugar Flower Designer. Additional elements including logo of the wedding are hand painted in edible 24K gold, thus completing the design. It’s a fine art most magical!

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” ~Gerard De Nerval


alice in wonderland

Creating a sophisticated Grand Designer Wedding Cake requires a balanced mix of details, elements and style. The perfect result comes from the combination of couple’s wishes, beauty of the wedding concept and Yiamy personal designer touch! Among so many other design pieces, this Grand Wedding Cake features “Eat Me” labels and vintage pocket watches to enhance the feeling of Alice in Wonderland themed wedding. Pearls, hearts and diamonds, as little details, add individuality and particularity to the overall design. Each hand shaped and hand cut. The pearls are each weighted first to be sure all are the same size. Edible teacups and saucers are hand shaped and painted in 24K edible gold with individual design. Details is what we cannot imagine a lifetime without.

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."