classic small party

A standing event for a group of 6-8 persons

Ticket is € 15 per person*. Every Saturday from 11am till 1pm

It is a social, interactive option for haute patisserie lovers with plenty of time for networking and mingling. Come alone or bring your friends. You will taste and discover Yiamy® Signature and New Collections under the guidance of Alina Berezovskaya. At the end of the event you can buy ready-to-go fresh haute patisserie from the assortment in the Studio or pre-order your favourite dessert. 


What is included:

— A Tasting Menu prepared individually for each attendee

— Sparkling wine, green tea and fruit water 

— Yiamy secrets on how the dessert is prepared 

— Meet like-minded people and enjoy Saturday in a fresh relaxing atmosphere

* The price of a ticket is deducted from the purchase or order made on the day of the event.



Programme topics change on a monthly basis

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Pavlova Dessert Tasting "Light as a Ballerina"

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