YIAMY® Celebration

Your PRIVATE celebration party

Invite your friends, family or colleagues to a Private Tasting to celebrate a special occasion, such as your birthday, new job or promotion, completion of a project, friendship anniversary, encounter of your travels or simply being happy. You will have a Unique Cake with Custom Design prepared by Yiamy® Cake Designer to celebrate your story and will taste and discover Yiamy® Signature and New Collections under the guidance of Alina Berezovskaya


A standing event for a group of 6-8 persons

Ticket is € 20 per person. Date and time as agreed with the client (minimum 2 hours). Charge may apply for additional hours. 


What is included:

— A Tasting Menu prepared individually for each attendee

Unique Cake with Custom Design to celebrate the occasion

— Sparkling wine, green tea and fruit water (You can bring your own party drinks to the Studio that will be served during the event)

— Yiamy secrets on how the dessert is prepared 

— Spend the day with your family and friends in a new way



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