Chic Confiture

Chic Confiture


Sweet Treasure from Winter 2017 Collection

Confiture in various flavours:

·  Apricots and Guelder rose (sold out)

·  Peaches and Rowan berries

·  Red plums, Red chilli and Wild blackcurrants (not spicy) 

·  Mirabelle plums and Red chilli (not spicy) 

·  Green plums, Ginger and Blueberries (sold out)

·  Apricots and Rowan berries

·  Apples and Rowan berries (sold out)

·  Damson plums and Red chilli (not spicy) 

·  Lemon and Rowan berries

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All confitures have low sugar content and are always with lemon slices; must be kept in the fridge